Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring is in the air

The weather has been so nice these last few weeks though this week we had the first rain for quite some time. But it is still warmer than it would normally be this time of year.
Today I had the grand-children here and grandson is staying on for a few days.
I had fun with my grand-daughter making her a flower chain for her hair.
I was hoping to go and see the fireworks with him tonight (official Queens birthday here today) but he is fast asleep. Another time.
No news on the weaving as I've been enjoying the sunshine.
And the next few days I'll be going out and about with my grandson.
 Above some scans put together of different parts of my last warp after washing and pressing.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weaving finished

My first warp woven with the electronic dobby is finished.
I now have 5,5 meters by about 28cm wide (before washing) and I hope to make a jacket out of it, may be with some knitted parts added if I come short.
I'm really pleased with the result. The cloth feels really nice.
The warp was weaving up very well. When you think mohair, you might think sticking yarn but I think I got the sett correctly and I had very little problem with stickiness of the yarn.
I did run out of the weft yarn but had more yarn from the warp left over.
The main weft colour is dark grey with stripes of purple in it (colour from the warp), about 50 cm with just purple and the last 60 cm is light grey from the warp. All in all it will be a challenge to make something out of this. I have plenty of the light grey left for knitting if this is needed.

Weaving with the electronic dobby will need some more practise. Specially when I'm either beaming up or finding more weft yarn, jobs that might take more than 60 seconds. That is the time that it goes in a kind of sleep mode. I will read up about it to find out how to go about this. Have to find out if it is the program doing this or the interface. At the moment I find that the interface is getting confused and not lifting the correct shafts after that. I do get it going again but I'm sure there must be a way to do this.

It's lovely sunshine (with warmer than normal temperature for this time of year) here at the moment, so the outside is calling and weaving might get a back-seat just now.

Friday, April 15, 2011


The weaving is going well. Last night I had to get used to unweaving with the electronic dobby but I've figured it out and it is easy once you know. This warp is weaving up very easy, the sticking is not to bad at all. I do however have to keep a look out that all the correct shafts are lifted. It keeps you involved with the weaving and not let the computer do the thinking for you. But most of the time the correct shafts are lifted.
This is how the weaving looks so far
And a close up
I'm weaving with grey yarn as weft but for a short bit I mixed with the purple yarn that is in the warp. I do not have much left of this so will just add a few patches like this in the rest of the weaving.
And a close up
I was going to weave 2 scarves but now that I'm seeing the result of the weaving I like it better for a vest or jacket. I'll see when it is finished. I've woven about 1,5 meters of the 5+ meter warp.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's working!

This afternoon I went to Louet with my computer and interface. Joost, who looks after the computer side at Louet in Holland, started up the computer and next the interface. No joy, like what I got myself. He looked at different options and next changed the USB cable. Still no change. Next he used a computer from Louet and still the same problem, no communication. The problem was the interface. It was my lucky day as they had received a new batch in that day! Connecting up to a different interface, problem was solved. They were now talking together!
So, I'm weaving at last with the electronic dobby.
I'm sure I'll have a lot to learn how it all works but for now I can weave the chosen pattern.
It might be quite a challenge in itself to weave with the mohair but I do get a good shed and I'm able to open the sticking warp threads easily. It only slows the weaving down a bit probably.
But I'm a very happy girl tonight and very grateful to Louet and Joost for having resolved the problem. It must have been damaged during transport as Joost tested the interface before it was sent out to me.

Whilst at Louet, I was able to have a look at the production side. That was very interesting to see all.
Apart from the weaving and spinning side they also make bespoke kitchens and bathrooms.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The grandchildren were here this weekend. Their parents went away for a short holiday brake.
The kids enjoyed themselves in the garden
But they have gone home again now.
It's lovely and sunny weather here at the moment. Lots of colour in the garden.
One more day, than the forecast is a change of weather. It has been very dry, so the garden would like some rain probably.

Still struggling with my Magic Dobby but I'm going over to Louet on Wednesday and hopefully all will be working after that visit. The problem is between the computer and the Interface, they do not talk together.
I'm sure the long wait will be worth it in the end.