Friday, January 20, 2012


Not the UnFinished Objects but the kind of Unidentified Flying Objects.........
An extraordinary magical sighting tonight where I live when I cycled back home from the shops around 6:45 my time. Strange orange-yellow lights like a string of lights (about 6 or 8 lights in total) looked like they had been put up in the sky. Next it looked like the saucepan stars (how do you call this) you see but next again it was like a string (I was cycling so was moving as the lights were)
I got home and I saw the light disappear in the distance towards the South. But 2 more came from North very fast flying over me, following after the others. They were lower than planes fly, definitely no planes and also no stars either.
It was an experience that I will not forget quickly as I have never experienced something like this before. I'm only sorry that I was on my own. It was all over to quickly to go to a neighbour to share this experience. So I just share with you all. I did try to make a movie with my mobile but it was all black and than they were gone.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Finished young weavers scarf

He finished the scarf in 2 days. It was a present for his mother for her birthday so I could not show any details before ;-) just in case she was watching the blog........
She was so surprised and happy to receive his self made gift.

He chose the loopy yarn and I tried to find yarns to go with that.
As warp yarn (horizontal yarns in the yarn photo)

I used the Webs yarn that I used here, but in different colours. Strong enough for him to weave with. No good to use a yarn that might break easy. It needs to be fun for him for now.

The loopy yarn has shrunk more than the other yarns but I think the end result is great for a 6 year old. He was so proud of himself.
His mum told me tonight that he took the scarf with him to school today to show what he had made in the holiday.

We have not looked at yarn for his next scarf, as he wants to make a woollen one for himself.
I will have  both grandchildren here again next weekend, so may be we will get around to looking at yarns.
But if the weather is nice we will go out instead.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Young Weavers

Here is the scarf my 4 year old granddaughter started weaving last Summer. About halfway she was when she went home last weekend and I promised to finish it for her. Though she was weaving ok, the concentration was very short. So it would have taken a long time for her to finish.
I finished it together with my grandson. I wanted the loom available again for him. Still have to do the finishing. I was able to show her this result on Skype tonight and she was very pleased. I'll try to finish it for her before Sunday when I'll see her again. She would be able to take it with her to school and show after the holiday. And of course use it with her new purple coat.

My 6 year old grandson is weaving his woollen scarf since this morning. It took me a bit longer to make the warp as I got a cold New Years Eve and did not feel like making a warp.
He is weaving fast, having done just under 90cm today. So, I think he will finish tomorrow as I made a short warp for just one scarf. I made it easy for him to use 2 colours in the warp for plain weave having one colour on shaft 1 and 3 and another on 2 and 4. When he finishes this one he wants to make another one with 3 colours in the warp. That would be a new challenge for him.
He is here until Sunday and will be here again the next weekend. If this scarf is finished before he goes home I'll make him a new warp for his next visit. We will have to go through my stash for him to make a choice of yarns. He's also made it known that he would like my dobby loom when I'm dead. ;-)
Hopefully a long way away but how about this? It pleases me that he likes the weaving for now and may be he'll stay interested. So much for him to learn. Planning a project, warping, threading etc. For the moment I'll do the warping and threading for him though.

I myself am ready for making a warp for my dobby loom. Still have to decide on yarns though. But I feel like weaving again.
I watched the Triple Play Class by Alice Schlein. Weavolution let's you view the workshop for a week after it took place. As I was unable to take part last week, due to a bad connection on my computer it was good to see it after all. Great fun. If you like designing for your dobby loom I would highly recommend the class when she does a repeat class.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.Lots of fireworks here last night and the cats have survived it again. They used to get very upset about it (keeping hidden for ages) but they seem to be better with it the older they grow.
2012, may it be a good, creative and healthy year for everyone.

Together with my grandson I'm finishing the scarf that my granddaughter started.
It's almost finished and we have been looking at yarns this afternoon for another scarf he would like to make. Hopefully we'll manage it all this week as he would like to finish it before he goes home again.

It's my 3rd Blogiversary today. My aim was to write about my weaving but this last year has changed so much that weaving has been in the background for quite some time. Others may find the weaving giving distraction but I seemed to have just dried up for a while.
A new year and turning a corner. And the weaving with my grandson is working wonders.