Saturday, September 29, 2012

finished reflecting water

The blue scarf is now finished and I'm happy with the result.
 Detailed photos:
I'm happy to come back later to coloured warps with this reed.
I think playing with colour within the contours of the reed works well.

I have made another warp after all for this reed in white Tencel. My local guild has an exhibition next year where all work will be in white (only accents of transparent and silver allowed).
My contribution will be a white ondulé scarf. The warp is made but not yet on the loom.

Friday, September 28, 2012

weaving exhibition Rotterdam

There are 2 more days to view this exhibition. I went last week and was overwhelmed by what this designer/weaver has left behind as his legacy. You can see him here. It takes about 11 minutes to view, at the end it shows in fast mode lots of his designs. Well worth seeing.
Here one of his designs on show that I photographed:

Monday, September 24, 2012

more reflecting water

This was on the loom a few days ago

and now it looks like this, just cut of the loom tonight.

Tomorrow I'll finish the fringes and will wet finish the scarf but I'm very happy with the result.

Next warp will not be with the ondulé reed, I want to be able to get on with some weaving and not having to adjust the reed after every 6 throws.
I love this reed, specially the result of weaving with this reed, but I need a change and will come back to this reed again at a later date.

Detail photo:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

reflecting water

First weaving done and I like what I see
As it will be a scarf, I've finished the beginning with the weft yarn. I'll do the same with the ending. On the loom it is so much easier to do.
Warp is cotton, weft is cotton/wool. This will give the scarf a nice drape.
I'm weaving tabby and twill, so that the shape shows up even more.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Slow progress with the warp as I had some distractions by going to 2 exhibitions this weekend. One was a modern art sales exhibition, no textiles. My niece was one of the organisers and that was how I came to visit. To have a look at what she is doing. Nice to see what she is busy with and meeting interesting people.
And today I went to the last day of De Ploeg in Textile Museum Tilburg. I enjoyed seeing this special exhibition. Later this week I'm going to Rotterdam to see an exhibition of this weaver. He was also one of the designers of De Ploeg. Looking forward to going there.

Here a picture of the warp
and almost ready on the loom for threading
I experimented warping with 2 crosses close together, rather than one on each side of the warp. The 1st cross was divided by 0,5cm bunches and the 2nd was the threading cross. It worked just what I thought it would do. I was able to divide the warp on the raddle with the 1st cross and next I was able to get the threading cross so all the threads are in the correct order for beaming up.
Tonight an early night, tomorrow is another day :-)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New warp

Planning a new warp with colour for my special reed. Thinking about Reflecting Water for this warp. Colours from my blue stash of Venne Cotton Yarn that I could use
After making a yarn wrap  I decided to drop a few colours and just use these:
Slight differences in the blues and by using them within the fan shapes I'm hoping for the "watery effect"
It's still taking me lots of time to get a warp going (not enough concentration yet) but I feel I'm getting better at it.
Though at the moment quite a lot of distractions going on. Thinking about doing some renovation work to the house. Looking into it, next decision making time and when going ahead, there would be little time for weaving for a while. That is if I feel up to going ahead with it all :-)
So, I'm keen to get this warp on the loom and have another go with the ondulé reed. I'll not sample with this warp but make a scarf, in the hope that I get the setting correct first time round.

I've been invited to go to a concert tonight with a friend. New to me music. I better get ready for the concert.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Warp finished

On the left is the first ondulé warp finished.
The top half is plain weave. Where you see a difference in the weaving lower down is where the 2/2 twill starts.
I still have to wash it, so will know tomorrow how it looks after washing.

Below is a small sample (plain weave + 2/2 twill) that I will keep unwashed for reference.

This was all about sampling. I've been playing with "when to move the reed". When the sample is washed I'm hoping to see a difference. I've marked on the side where I began a different rhythm.

I'm thinking about the next warp, with colour. Not sure when I'll be able to start this.
I want to go and see some textile exhibitions that are finishing soon.
Also have to think about the major paint job outside. The weather is good this week.
Thursday granddaughter will be coming for 3 nights. :-)