Monday, May 27, 2013

party time

Yesterday was party time
 6 years old she is now. She had her ears pierced, one happy girl!
I bought her a dress in England size age 11-12 year old and it fits! She is tall but hey what is happening with the sizes. Problem when sizing is wrong, is that the clothe style is all wrong for the age group. Luckily not this one though.

Sunshine at last today, what a lovely change this makes :-)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring or Autumn in May?

Not much progress on the warp. This is how the loom looks at the moment:
I was not happy with the edges and I'm still thinking about how I shall change it. There should be enough warp for a scarf. When warping the loom I should have thought about the edges more clearly and warped the black threads. At the moment I have 6 extra threads (black, like the weft) put together in 1 cannister. I will hang them all independent from each other and may be add a few more.
But the sample has come out well after washing and pressing.
I made this:
Showing front and back. I cut the sample so that I could use both sides of the cloth. Added a invincible zipper, something I had not done before. Happy with the end result. Though I had to unpick the first attempt as I got it wrong.
Weather is so dismal, almost end of May and I can count on 1 hand the days I've been able to sit and enjoy a meal in the garden. This week temperature will go as low as 9C when it should be nearer 20.
Above some tulips that I planted just before Christmas. Glad they did come up ok.
Below a close-up as to how different they all are:
A few more photos of the garden at this moment:
Found some mushrooms in the garden, is it all the rain we have been having lately?
Though we are very lucky to have no tornado's here. So sad to see what is happening on the other side of the world.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

back weaving

Problem solved. I shut down the computer and did not look at it for a day. Just could not face it. Today I was able to solve the problem (conflict with COM4) with the help of a friend by phone. I would not have been able to do it myself. I will now write down how it was done, just in case it happens again.
So, back to weaving now :-)
I want to finish enough to make a cushion cover, cut it, wash and press and see how it comes out. I'm not sure how this will work as warp is cotton and weft is Tencel.

Monday, May 13, 2013

port problem

Today is the first time I'm back behind the loom for over a month! But trying to start the weaving, Fiberworks-PCW cannot find the port! This is the downside of weaving with a computer.
I've tried all I can think of but no luck. I've now written to Ingrid and Bob and hopefully they'll come up with an answer I can work with.
The only thing that has changed is that I took my computer with me to England and had it cleaned up from unnecessary muck. Also written to my friend to ask if anything he did could have an impact on the setting.
Frustrating times when I had hoped to have finished what I was weaving so that I could cut it and wett finish to see how it comes out before finishing the rest of the warp.
I'm hoping that the solution is a simple one.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

still holiday time

We have had some lovely warm sunny days but the rain has come yesterday. Badly needed for the garden though! I'm having quality time with granddaughter since Saturday
We have not been out at all apart from shopping that needed doing, but the days go by quickly and she is happy.
Hopefully my energy will come back soon.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

May already

How time flies, May already!
I've had grandson staying with me this last week and today we did a switch and now granddaughter is with me. We have not done very much this last week but sure had quality time together. We did go to Amsterdam on Wednesday. The intention was to go to the refurbished Rijksmuseum. But oh what a crowd everywhere. It was the day after the inauguration of the King. In the end we did not go anywhere but just had a look around.

Above photos from the church and palace.
I've not felt like doing much at all and now I think I do not have a trapped nerve but shingles. I did not realise that this could be on your leg. It sure ads up to how I have been feeling the last 2 weeks.
I'll go back to my GP to get it confirmed. I've had it before, about 10 years ago.
Forecast for the weather is good, so we'll just enjoy ourselves as much as we can.
Just do not feel like weaving at the moment.
I enjoyed reading on my e-reader that I bought recently.
A good buy, as it has good visibility in the sunlight and when dark there is a light to use (Kobo-Glo)