Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Iridescent warp finished

This warp is now finished.
The first weaving from this warp was this
Next I tried out lots of colours
I found that I made a mistake in the threading, so I rethreaded after cutting off the above weaving
There was only about 50cm warp left to weave but I wanted to see the difference.
The above was kind of square and I wanted curves
I'm glad I did the rethreading as I did get the curves I was looking out for.

I should have been weaving for my double weaving course but life gets in the way sometimes. I will do the weaving after the course is finished now. Loom is empty and I can think about the next warp without stressing to get it all finished in time. Good decision made.

At the moment we are enjoying warm sunny weather. I better enjoy this, before it's gone again.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back from visiting London

Last week I went to London for 5 days, mainly to meet friends and look at lots of exhibitions. Going with Eurostar is such a pleasant way to travel to London as you arrive in the heart of London.
I've enjoyed tremendously to be away from home for a change. It had been well over a year since I last went away.
My first visit was to the V&A to see the Spider Silk.
My main reason to go to London now, as this exhibition ends early June. It was so good to see this for real.
The scarf had a distinct crimping at one point, intrigued how this came about. Anyone any thoughts about this?  Difficult to photograph as there was glass before the scarf and windows shining in. This was in the middle at one side, the same at one end of the scarf.
Above photo is the cape, with detailed the top closing at the front.
The design of the cape was also there to see
I even went back just before I went home again, together with a friend who wanted to see it too. If you have not seen it and are able to get to London before June 5th, I highly recommend you to go and see for yourself.
The café at the V&A is worth a visit too:

The 2nd day it was to Tate Britain to see Picasso. We spent so much time there that we forgot to have lunch. It was so interesting to see the work of different artists together on show that had influenced each other. I have seen several Picasso exhibitions but I learned something new here. He designed for the theatre too, there were costumes on show.

The 3rd day was time for the Fashion and Textile Museum where there was an interesting exhibition on design.
Lots to see, here some impressions:
 I love these black and white pictures, although my pictures are not very sharp but difficult to photograph high above you.

Close to the Museum is the Shard under construction, very impressive
And another building worth capturing. I love architecture.

The 4th day was time to go to the Barbican Art Gallery to see Bauhaus, I had been invited by a friend to go and see this exhibition. Thanks Phyllis, it was great to see this together!
Again a lot of time was spent viewing and lunch was a bit later than usual. I could not appreciate all that was there. Some I found quite depressing but on the whole it was magic to see so much diverse work together and the textiles on show were stunning to see.

It was enchanting to see so much in flower in London

It was an inspiring visit and my next visit to London is already planned!