Friday, September 30, 2011

This and that

Weaving still on the loom. As I'll be going to the yearly national spinning day this weekend, it will have to wait to be finished. I'm looking forward to meeting up with lots of spinning friends.
I did weave one scarf but the 2nd is just a bit to short to be called a scarf so I was in doubt what to do. Un-weave what I have woven so far of the 2nd scarf, or continue and use a long fringe to make up for length. Result is a standstill but I hope to finish one way or the other soon.

Last week grandson was swimming for his 2nd diplome
Another 2 months and he'll go for C. He loves the swimming and it is nice to watch.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slow start

The warp is on the loom and I'm weaving but it has been a very slow start. I made a threading mistake in the reed. When I started to weave I noticed a threading mistake in one of the heddles. Next, after weaving a bit, I noticed the sett was not right. I needed more weft than warp yarns. So I rethreaded from 6 to 7 per cm in the reed and I'm happy at last! Weaving is now square. I love weaving with this yarn. It's new to me, but it is lovely and soft and shiny. The colours used here are darkteal and greyteal.
The draft is simple, but in combination with the yarn, I think it's just right.
Hopefully the rest of this warp will be without any hiccups.

Lots of other things are going wrong. Washing machine broke down, printer has stopped working. What next? Together with the sombre weather we are having, not a very good time just now.
Better go back to some more weaving.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Today would have been DH's birthday. Strange day, the first without him being here.
Youngest daughter here tonight, I'll cook them a nice meal :-)
New warp is made but no energy to get it on the loom. Tomorrow is another day.
I'm using a new to me yarn of 50/50 wool/Tencel from WEBS.
It feels lovely and soft and the shine of Tencel is coming through, so hopefully it will make a nice scarf.
This is what I plan to weave in a 3/1 and 1/3 block twill design with 2 colours green.
Above the threading of the block twill with extra plain weave at the edges and below the tie-up in detail

Saturday, September 03, 2011


The warp is finished, washed and hemmed. Ready for showing.

I managed to weave 2 towels with a linen weft weaving a satin (below left) and an Oelsner pattern (below right).
1 using warp yarn as weft in tabby (below left)
and 1 using a cotton chenille yarn (above right) weaving satin again.
When finishing, I noticed that the linen satin towel has weaving mistakes that are beyond repairing, so it will have to stay as it is.

I like the Oelsner patterned towel best.
It is Oelsner pattern 813, or pattern 8980 at
May be I'll make some more similar like that at a later date. It has no distinct front or back like the satin towels in linen and cotton chenille and it feels nice.
I also like the warp/linen combination. I'm not so keen on the all cotton (weft like warp) towel. It just feels different. The cotton chenille one is nice for drying hands, it feels very soft.

I'm recovering from a starting lung infection, I was early catching it but it does take it out of  you and the coughing is still going on and I'm told it could be 4 weeks to get over that.
I think my next warp will be a scarf that I want to make for someone as a thank you for visiting my father on a regular basis. I had thought of giving the coloured/white silk/Tencel scarf but I don't think it will do her any good colour-wise. So, I'll make a woollen one. Have to think of pattern and colour first though. May be a 2-tone green.