Thursday, April 23, 2015

sponsor walk

Very proud of my daughter Fiona Geerts who will walk Nijmegen 4-daagse for the 3rd year.
This time she will walk for Kika. First time she walked by being sponsored by her health insurance vgz when she herself had just come through non-Hodgkin treatment. It was a real challenge but she did it and the next year she did it again and made the finish despite troubled feet.
This year she'll walk it as a sponsor walker, how cool is that.
I really hope she'll manage to collect lots for her charity Kika (Children Cancer Free)

Monday, April 13, 2015

1st warp finished on Megado

Megado warp is finished
This is how it looked coming from the loom
And here they are all cut and hemmed, but I still have to wash them.
And a close up of all 7 when still on the loom:
They are all different with weft yarns and most patterns are different too.
Fun to do and very happy with the loom!
I will pick up the Interface this week, so another learning curve coming. I will find out if the laptop that I bought 2nd hand last year, will work ok with the Interface.
It's lovely weather this week, so will be more outside than in and no more weaving this week. Blisters are healing from garden work last week.