Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old = New

When my daughters were little I made them each a dress.
 Now, the same dress that my eldest daughter wore aged 5
is now worn by my granddaughter aged 3.
So glad I found these old photo's. Looking at the first picture it looks like I have added a frill at the bottom at a later stage but I cannot remember this any more (so long ago!). I'm also pleased I saved this dress, as it fits her perfectly! And she is thrilled to bits that this dress was worn by her mother and made by her granny.
 I loved the material when I made the dresses, and still like it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Moving on

Life goes on and I'm living each day as it comes.
No weaving back into my life yet but my loom is eyeing at me and who knows I might be tempted again soon. After all, it is all warped up and ready to weave.
I've been out and about a few times but I prefer to be in my own home at the moment. Lovely friends and family surrounding me with their support.
I had the grandchildren here for one night and that was lovely. At 3 and 5 they are so pure.
I also have the sampler that I made in Devon to finish. It is just long enough to make a scarf out of it. It will be a happy memento of our last holiday together. When it is finished I'll show it here.