Sunday, March 30, 2014

museum visit

Not much weaving at the moment. Warp for guild weaving moiré project is finishes and now a natural cotton warp on for colour experiments by painting on the warp. Also a guild project.
I need to get a project for myself started but sun is out a lot and want to enjoy whilst it's there.
Creativity is very low just now.

Enjoyed having the grandchildren yesterday. Took them to the Railway Museum with my friend Gillie, who had not been to this museum.
I had been there before with the kids but always nice to go back and enjoy. A new attraction was added since last time and Sytske liked it so much she wanted to go again for another ride. So we did.
This was taken in a wagon in another attraction, Syb thought he could hide from me taking a picture ;-)

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Love having my granddaughter to stay, only briefly this time, 2 nights. Going home tomorrow.
On pancake day yesterday we went out to eat a big pancake.
This afternoon she has just finished making a puzzle