Tuesday, March 26, 2013

loom adjustment

Finished the warp last night.
No more very narrow warps in future!
Last night I took the loom apart
and this morning I went to Louet with the parts in the last photo. Jan drilled holes in the right places so that 2 new "legs" could be fitted to the loom and the sectional beam fitted to this. This was a top service from Louet!
Back home, I put the loom back together again. Not an easy job on your own but I managed and the loom is now ready for warping again. The sun is shining today and I could have one of the doors open whilst working on the loom.
Not sure if the middle space is the best for the sectional beam. If not, I can always change it and fit it to the top space (mind you, I'll have to take some of it apart again). I've added an extra beam, that way I'm free to warp whichever way I want.
Tomorrow I'm going to the grandchildren so, the warping will have to wait another day.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

this and that

Finished part of the warp. Had to cut it as there was no more space to turn.
Result so far
 It is only a narrow warp, still quite a lot left to weave.
I've been in touch with Jan Louet and he came up with a solution
Extra vertical parts (red arrow) added at the back (green arrow). When my warp is woven up I'll have to take the loom apart so that the extras can been added on.
I'm using Tencel for this warp. One bought in Holland as warp and the other from Webs as weft. What a difference in lustre! Webs looks like silk, the other more like a dull cotton.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

proud gran

Today my 5 year old granddaughter swam for her first swimming diploma. She did well. What a difference a year makes. When she started her swimming lessons a year ago, she did not enjoy the water.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


What a difference the sun makes!
Today I could weave in this setting

And sitting at the loom I had this view. I'm enjoying this whilst it lasts as colder weather has been forecasted again. I had altered something to the loom to be able to fit the sectional warping to the beam but I now find that by moving the plank from vertical to horizontal on the stand, the loom has become unstable. It sways from side to side. Not good. Just the reason for a trial warp to see how it all works. The warp is only 14cm wide but I'm enjoying the network structure.
I'll finish the warp and see if there is anything I can do to make changes to the loom. For the moment I'm happy to weave!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Dobby problem solved

Just a quick update
After first calling Louet Holland and next Louet Canada, all is now working again. Jan in Canada guided me "hands on" through the inside of the interface box. Scary.
When a shaft stops working during weaving, it can be the connection to the solenoid.
After taking this connection apart and fitting it back on again the shaft is lifting again.
So, back to weaving. The sun is shining. What more do I want.
Thanks for replying to my cry for help!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dobby problem

After overcoming the warping problems I now find that shaft 16 is not lifting on my Magic Dobby. I have a narrow warp on and used 16 shafts intending to weave some network. The first few picks I wove tabby to get started and all worked ok. Next I began with the network pattern and after a few picks noticed that I had warp threads that were not being woven. After some searching I found that the cause was shaft 16 not being lifted. Tried restarting the computer. Did the test with the interface and all the solenoids are working. I'm just baffled what is happening here. Thinking, small warp, test the loom and get on with the next warp. All very frustrating.
Any one any thoughts on this?