Saturday, June 23, 2012

A month gone by

How time flies, another month gone by.
The creative juices are not flowing, so not much to show.
I did however do some dyeing with madder on Shetland wool. I once bought some green, brown and grey Shetland and I thought I would improve on the colours with madder. I like how the grey has come out but not very much the green and brown yarn. But mixing them all up in a warp will work I hope. This will be a project for the winter.

I am enjoying the birds in the garden.
The last week I have had a jay visiting daily
 It's a joy to watch. The next photo is quite close to the house. It's sitting on my garden chair.
 Other visitors are busy too. This must have been a nest or more just flown out.
Also lots of great and blue tits coming daily and not forgetting the black birds.