Friday, January 01, 2010

What's on your loom on New Year's Day?

Meg's idea was to show what is on the looms at the first day of the New Year.
The 2 looms that are warped at the moment look like this just now:

This is the Leclerc loom with a warp for the corduroy weaving. At the moment the 3rd sample is cut of and is waiting until after the second workshop day with my guild at the end of this month. I had to fold the loom up to create space for Christmas.

My other loom, the Thumm is warped for the deflected double weaving and that is where I will do my weaving at the start of this year. This loom is all metal, so I'm able to have some dolls (with the help of a magnet at their back) that keep me company ;-) This loom has the levers at the front under the beam. You can also see the beads that I have threaded on a string, I can keep track where I am if I do a repeat.
There are other looms but they are buried away at the moment, so cannot take pictures. :-)

And the weaving is coming along nicely:


  1. My mother said stainless steel is all the rage in Japan, and I would like to go see one when I visit her. Then I will have somewhere to stick my Guatemalan fridge-magnet doll - right now she's stuck on the fridge.

    Happy New Year, Margreet.

  2. Happy New Year! That is quite an interesting loom! How old is it?
    The being metal part reminds me of the old Nadeau (sp) looms I've seen here and there. Love the dolls.

  3. Theresa,
    I'm not sure how old it is, it was made in Germany. I believe it was used as a sampling loom in industry.

  4. I love the red shafts - very cheerful and a great foil for the dolls :)

  5. Ah, the red is the only wood part on the loom!
    I was not able to make a real clear photo as the loom is rather build in at the moment, but just enough space to weave comfortably :-)